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Social Media Strategies

Which Social Media is right for your business?  Hear what our President, Barb Hendrickson, has to say on the subject:

Which social media channels are right for you?

You don’t need to be everywhere!  Let’s determine where your prospects and customers live on social media, and then let’s provide meaningful information for them.  Think you don’t need a social media presence? Check it out:

-Over 73% of adults are active daily on social media
-71% of people are accessing the internet primarily via mobile devices
-Instagram has surpassed Twitter (320 million users) with over 400 million users in 2015 (all posting photos of your products, food, location, etc.)
-Over 20% of people who are on the internet use Instagram
-Americans spend over 407 millions hours per month playing on-line games
-Americans spend approximately 329 million hours per month on e-mail
-over 300 million users are on LinkedIn: the #1 B2B channel
-more than 1 million people have published content on LinkedIn
-1.59 Billion users log into Facebook every day
-91% of retail brands use one or more social media channels
-12 mobile app users are added every second
-over 1 billion users watch YouTube; more than half watch videos on mobile devices, averaging 40 minutes per session
-78% of onsumers who complained via Twitter received a response within an hour
-think social media is just for GenX and Millennials?  Over 45% of those 65+ are regular users of social media

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Let’s pick one or two channels that are right for your audience, we’ll get good at those and then we’ll expand from there.  We can work with you to define a strategy and teach you how to manage it, or we can manage it for you.







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