Inbound Marketing

Behind every successful product, service or Brand lies a powerful concept. Whether your business is new or established, a small business or a major corporation, you need a business plan and a marketing strategy. Business Plans help entrepreneurs to clarify their vision, set priorities and focus attention on what matters most, and in what order. Marketing plans are similarly necessary to make sure the target customer is understood and identified and there is a plan to reach those target customers. There is a new customer out there who is buying in a new way – inbound marketing positions you where your customers are looking for information when they’re ready to buy.

The various social media platforms now allow you to be where your customers are looking for information, but every platform is not right for every business. Social media also allows you to gather all kinds of valuable information, at virtually no cost.

Inbournd marketing - attracting prospects with content, outbound: pushing messaging out.

Whether you are interested in exploring inbound marketing strategies or more traditional marketing tactics, we can help! Hear our President, Barb Hendrickson, explain what we mean by Marketing Consulting: