Content Creation

What is Content Marketing and why do we need it?

Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of content in order to position yourself or your company as the expert in your field or industry, and is a means of promoting your field or industry (NOT specifically promoting your company or your products or services). The term “content” is pretty broad and can include everything from simple social media posts and White Papers to video production and promotional campaigns.

Hear what our President, Barb Hendrickson has to say about Content Creation:

Visible Communication content services include:

  • writing articles and White Papers on your behalf for your industry publications or to share with customers
  • updating your LinkedIn page, creating a company page or creating & sharing content via LinkedIn Pulse articles
  • developing webinars or other training sessions
  • creating infographics to tell your story in pictures (the redesigned bar graph or pie chart!)
  • eBook creation
  • revising website copy from a marketing perspective, or
  • creating website content that is relevant to your visitors
  • eNewsletters and email marketing campaigns
  • writing and producing videos or promotional campaigns


Do you have statistics to share? Rather than put them in a traditional document, chart or graph, how about showing them in an infographic?

We can help you tell your story in an easy-to-consume and memorable way: