Random Acts of Kindness…at work?

We often think of random acts of kindness as something that we might practice with strangers (giving your first class airline seat to a soldier in uniform) or friends (sending flowers to a friend who’s struggling with something). Clients and co-workers are people too! Random acts of kindness at work will be appreciated by those in the business world as well.

There are plenty of articles about the value of gratitude and thank-you notes. People who have great relationships with their clients and co-workers are probably already doing things like remembering birthdays or deaths in the family, congratulations on a promotion or other work anniversary, etc.  We know that any time we can surprise and delight a client, it’s memorable. What are some examples of more random acts of kindness that you can show your clients?

  • send a book or article that you think they will appreciate, or about a subject you recently discussed
  • remember them with a small token from a trip that you’ve taken
  • bring their favorite coffee or bakery treat to a meeting
  • have lunch delivered to them on a particularly busy day (or dinner when you know they’re working late on a project)
  • invite them to an event where you can introduce them to other useful contacts (if this type of invitation is allowed by their company)
  • make a donation to their favorite charity in their honor

Of course, you never want an act of kindness to be misinterpreted so use good judgment as to the timing (not during any client bid periods), and nothing expensive that could be construed as trying to influence a decision. Business relationships should be nurtured like any other relationship. Demonstrating that you’re thinking about your clients and co-workers and trying to make their day a little brighter should strengthen your connection.

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