Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the creation and sharing of information that positions you or your company as the expert in your field or industry. Not to be confused with product marketing, content marketing is a means of promoting your field or industry (NOT specifically promoting your company or your products or services). It all starts with an intentional content strategy.

Visible Communication content marketing and strategy services include:

  • writing articles and blog posts on your behalf for your industry publications or to share with customers
  • updating your LinkedIn page, creating a company page or creating & sharing
  • content marketing through shared LinkedIn Pulse articles
  • developing webinars or other training sessions
  • eBook creation
  • revising website copy from a marketing perspective, or
  • eNewsletters and email marketing campaigns

Some don’t realize the your website is ground zero for social media. The main purpose of social media should be to direct people back to your website. Since your website is the main communicator of your brand, all of the content should be consistent with your brand attributes and your key messages. Many companies contract with a web designer only to find that they need to supply all of the content!

We’ll work with you or your designer to craft or refine your message, and then make sure that it’s consistent throughout your website content and all other communication platforms.

Some business owners think they need to completely change their website platform in order to update their site, when sometimes just some color, image and content changes can provide a completely different look.