Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?

your lying eyes

Since “communication” is literally in my company name, this is an especially frustrating time for me. What I wouldn’t give for some clear communication! SO much misinformation and conspiracy theories are circulating right now. I’m feeling like every expert and politician has an agenda – and the health and well-being of US citizens isn’t on … Read more

Can’t We Just All Get Along? Thoughts on Social Media.

Social Media Conflicts

Remember “back in the day” when people in polite society didn’t discuss religion, sex or politics? For whatever reason, people feel free to write whatever horrible things they’re thinking on Facebook, Twitter and even on LinkedIn occasionally (seriously, reserved for business info – respect the platform!). I was so much happier before I understood (especially) … Read more

How to Blog

hand-colored green outlined blog in a journal.

To blog or not to blog? Everyone and their brother (or sister) seems to have one. While some personal blogs might be appropriately characterized as vanity projects, a business blog is an important component of a company’s content strategy. Whether you are in the B2B or B2C world, a blog can be very beneficial to your business. You might … Read more