Congressional Hearings on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg looks pensive seated at table, as audience looks on.

Yesterday, I watched the Senate hearings on Facebook. Disappointment is the wrong word: that implies that I had a higher expectation. I did not. The House hearings have just started and so far…it’s more of the same. It doesn’t seem to matter what the industry or who is being interrogated, the Senators and Representatives holding … Read more

Do Bullies Exist in Business?

Man yelling at another man

That’s a “yes”. There are countless news articles about the effects of bullying in schools and via social media (at it’s worst: suicide). Often, some adults and officials underestimate the impact of bullying, and unbelievably, even participate. What is wrong with society? I began to wonder if these bullies ever grow up, or if they just … Read more