Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?

your lying eyes

Since “communication” is literally in my company name, this is an especially frustrating time for me. What I wouldn’t give for some clear communication! SO much misinformation and conspiracy theories are circulating right now. I’m feeling like every expert and politician has an agenda – and the health and well-being of US citizens isn’t on … Read more

Customer Experience is the New Black…and other Jargon

Customer Experience

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know that I have a few pet peeves, and jargon or “business speak” is one of them. Why now, in 2020, are we suddenly interested in our customers?  Specifically: The Customer Experience (there’s an abbreviation, necessarily: CX) Here’s how one source defines the Customer Experience: CX is … Read more

Can’t We Just All Get Along? Thoughts on Social Media.

Social Media Conflicts

Remember “back in the day” when people in polite society didn’t discuss religion, sex or politics? For whatever reason, people feel free to write whatever horrible things they’re thinking on Facebook, Twitter and even on LinkedIn occasionally (seriously, reserved for business info – respect the platform!). I was so much happier before I understood (especially) … Read more

The Perils of Following Your Passion

Perils of Passion

Right now there are thousands of graduates listening to inspiring commencement messages suggesting that you “follow your passion” or “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!” Following your passion (if you have one) can be fraught with peril. I’m calling bullshit. Having about 40 years of experience since … Read more

Corruption Between the UAW and Promotional Products Suppliers

UAW Corruption

There is an article in the Detroit News this morning about a Federal investigation of bribery and kickbacks to the UAW from promotional products suppliers. This is hardly news – the surprise is that it took someone this long to look into it. Having been in sales of incentive, reward and recognition programs for over … Read more

Do you Know What You’re Sharing on Facebook? Review Your Facebook Settings

Facebook Security

There’s a lot of conversation lately about how Facebook is using our data. First, realize that if you’re on Facebook, you’re on a free platform that is monetized by selling your information to advertisers. The Cambridge Analytica situation is an extreme example, but as a general user, there are ways to limit what information you share. Let’s … Read more

On My Honor, I Will Try…

collage of three young girls

Former Girl Scouts will recognize the beginning of the Girl Scout Promise: On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help other people at all times And to live by the Girl Scout Law I was a Girl Scout from Juniors through my senior year in high school. No, it wasn’t “cool” even 40+ years ago, … Read more

Congressional Hearings on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg looks pensive seated at table, as audience looks on.

Yesterday, I watched the Senate hearings on Facebook. Disappointment is the wrong word: that implies that I had a higher expectation. I did not. The House hearings have just started and so far…it’s more of the same. It doesn’t seem to matter what the industry or who is being interrogated, the Senators and Representatives holding … Read more

Women Executives Who Don’t Support Other Women

five smiling seated women executives.

The business world is still led by men, I get it. Women haven’t made nearly the progress that we expected in the 1970’s, but when women DO hold leadership positions, why wouldn’t women executives help other women? It’s 2018 – this can’t still be a thing, can it? I spent many years calling on automotive … Read more