Writer’s Block

Writers%20BlockCONTENT IS KING!  We hear that all the time, right?  And in fact, relevant content that educates, entertains or engages your prospects or clients IS important.  The problem with committing to a content strategy is…you have to come up with content!  That means you need to come up with ideas for content for your blog, your website, your newsletter, your email campaigns – and it’s relentless – you need new ideas ALL THE TIME.

So, what to do when you’re out of ideas or you think you’ve already said it all?  Here are some tips:

  • Go surfing.  “Surfing the ‘Net” is an old term, I know, but looking around to see what others are talking about might spur ideas.  Look at LinkedIn Pulse articles, search for new subjects on Twitter, check out enewsletters like @theSkimm, etc.
  • Read news specific to your industry.  If you have trade journals (electronic or in print) for your industry, check out what they’re talking about.  If you can find an article with which you disagree – bonus!  You’ve got a controversial subject to write about.
  • Turn on the TV.  Also probably an old term for those who are only streaming programming now, but it’s still a viable option.  Reality shows are tiresome but they often cover subjects that are topical.  Also a good source for what’s current:  talk shows.
  • Search for new book titles.  Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or your local book stores can also be sources of inspiration.  What are people writing books about?  What’s new in the Business or Self-Help sections?  You may find some interesting subject matter there.
  • Major events.  Is there a major sporting or community event on the horizon – or just held?  Sometimes comparisons can be made between the Super Bowl, The Masters, Boston Marathon, etc. and your business or industry.  (ex:  5 Sales Tips we can learn from The Masters)
  • Beg, steal, borrow.  The grown-up current buzzword is “curate”.  Now that writers WANT you to share their content, it’s okay to share other people’s articles that are relevant to your audience…as long as you never try to claim them as your own.  It’s also not good to do that all the time – intersperse info from others with the content that you create on your own.  Also invite guest writers to contribute to your website/blog/eNewsletter; a different voice now and then may surprise your readers with a little different perspective.

A good rule of thumb to follow is:  if you’re bored with the subject, chances are your readers will also be bored.  Find something that interests you, put your point of view on it and type away.

Going to turn on a good reality show now….